Taylor's Tease and Denial Handjobs 4

Taylor's T&Ds Page 4: More Of Mistress Taylor's Own Cock Teasing Handjobs

RO Orgasm Ruined
RO Orgasm Denied
RO Post Orgasm Cock
Sensitivity Torture
RO Orgasm Milked/
Jerking Instruction
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Sensual, Edging Heartbreaker CockTease
1 Meters Gauge the Amount of
inflicted during The Cock Tease
Torturous, Mean Painful Teasing Handjob
Clips4sale's Best Clip 7
The Best Clip on Clips4Sale
UNBELIEVABLE CLIP! The NONSTOP energy in this clip begins at the highest level possible and never declines even one degree. Taylor and Maya wrestle this asshole into the room, thrown him over a chair and drain his cock fiercly while taking turns fast jacking his dick the other spits, chokes, smothering with tits and slaps the fool around. Maya has come into her own as she is vicious. nasty and mean. You have never seen a clip with this much action. Do not miss this clip.
RO 8 minutes
Lift & carry Handjob 4
Taylor & Veronica's L&C
T&D Handjob
Mistress Taylor and Goddess Veronica Tag Team Lift & Carry Tease and Denial Handjob. Amazon Taylor picks up a guy at a bar and carries him home to her sleeping roommate who also feels the need to lift & carry him. They proceed to jerk the little big dicked man off. This scene has sexy lift and carry and a great 2 girl T&D handjob with some terrific fast, hard jacking that leads into lapsitting. Taylor brings her spectacular breasts into play and its hard to watch without cumming yourself! There is also some super fast jacking post orgasm cock torture!
RO 16 minutes
Satin Handjob 1
Satin Head Tease Torture
Mistress Taylor rubs various forms of satin on the head of this guys cock until he freaks and can's take anymore.
There is a sequel to this clip called
All Satin Teasing and Torture
RO 10 minutes
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Taylor's OH THATS JUST FUCKING WRONG Cockteasing Handjob
Taylor reaches a fever pitch of terror in this clip as she mixes in some terrific hand manipulation with her normal off the chart sexuality and nasty mean streak. The handjob builds as she makes it more and more torturous until the guy sounds like he is going to implode. After 20 minutes he goes over the edge and cums but she abandons it and just watches. Just as the painful orgasm is over she grabs the cock again and tortures the sensitive head so horribly it becomes hard to watch but her other hand keeps working and she milks another bigger and more painful orgasm.
RO 23 minutes
Great Handjob 8
I DON'T CARE IF I EVER CUM AGAIN... Please Just Stop Now!

Taylor is particularly mean in this handjob. Her terrificly skilled and soft hands easily put her in complete control and when she wants that "extra edge" she slides his cock between her delicious real breasts. She cools him off when he thinks he's going to cum by trying to insert her long fingernail into the end of his cock and this guy HATES THAT MORE THAN ANYTHING! She gets him to shout her praises, beg and almost cry. Finally she lets him cum and then she does not stop jerking and also trying to insert her fingernail into the end of his cock but at that point its gotten a bit harder because he has begun to kick and scream.

RO 16 minutes
Clips4sale 4
Taylor's I HATE MEN Grudge T&D
  Taylor has had enough of her man being late
and not bowing to her desires and sexual torture
will be her only way to release her own
pent up emotions.
RO 25 minutes
clips4sale MI 2
Taylor's I OWN Your Cock In Every Sense Tease and Denial Masturbation Instruction
  Taylor decides you can have a bit of "free" time and unlocks you. She then gives you a detailed & guided masturbationn that is COMPLETELY CONTROLLED by her. She tells you every stroke you can make and then gives you a long slow countdown where you can FINALLY have an orgasm once she gets to ONE! BUT... does she ever get there?
RO 10 minutes
Cock Control MI 2
I Own and Completely Control Your Cock Masturbation Instruction
  Mistress Taylor owns your cock.
She tells you EXACTLY how to jack it off, how fast, slow, when to stop, start etc.
She may or may not decide to let you cum.
You are just going to have to find out for yourself!
This is the Ultimate
Tease and Denial Masturbation Instruction.
RO 26 minutes
Massice Milking 7
Office Bitch Ruined Orgasm
In this way up close clip,
Taylor slowly teases the cock keeping it on edge
and full of pre-cum.
She squelches a partial orgasm leaving the guy
completely frustrated and brings him back
on edge where she ruins it again.
RO 10 minutes
Massive Milking 4
Nine To Five: Unpaid Overtime
Taylor takes her anger on this assclown when he prematurely cums after begging to shoot with her and telling her how great he'd be in clip. The combination of him wanting to atone for popping early and Taylor wanting him to pay for it leads to this extended, nonstop post orgasm cock torture session followed by Taylor donning gloves and continuing the stroking along with a rough prostate massage. This would have to be the angriest I have ever seen her get in a clip. She obviously doesn't like the schmuck and wants to take her shots at him while she has a chance.
RO 26 minutes
Massice Milking 4
  (At Gunpoint)

Watch Mistress Taylor milk this poor loser`s
MASSIVE COCK against his will as only she can.
She forces him to jerk off at gunpoint at first,
then she takes over.
He doesn`t stand a chance.
RO 8 minutes
POT of Big cock 9
  (Post Orgasm Torture of a Massive Cock)

Taylor milks the massive cock but then
doesn`t stop.
as Taylor goes on for 4 whole minutes
and fucks with the head
of the masssive cock.
RO 4 minutes
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Storage Room Tease and Denial
with 3 Minute Ruined Orgasm
In the first 8 minutes of this clip Mistress Taylor
has this loser on the edge begging to cum.
He spent the last three minutes of the clip
wishing he never came.Taylor extends and
destroys his orgasm through,
Dictating and Thumbing.
RO 20 minutes
Cock Control Mi 3
Fireside CocK Control
Masterbation Instruction
  I am in complete control of your cock so
lets jack that little fucker off for awile
why don't we?
How long since you have cum you say?
RO 4 minutes
Foot Worship Handjob 1
The Foot Worship and Sniffing Positive Reinforcement System
  Mistress Taylor rewards the foot sniffer/worshiper
with a hand job everytime he does a good job
worshiping Goddess Genesis's feet.
This is a very lucky foot slave.
RO 17 minutes
Popper Stopper 6
Popper Stopper
Mistress Taylor in a quick cocktease turned
milking but when the orgasm starts she caps
the cock with a SHOT GLASS! Ow.
She then engages in some
Post-Ruined Orgasm Cock Torture!
RO 5 minutes
Ruined Orgasm 4
Taylor's POV Tease & Denial
(Ruined Orgasm)
  A one clip 17 minute Tease and Denial handjob
from Taylor with a palmed ruined orgasm.
Taylor teases and strips in the beginning of
this cock tease which was her first POV T&D
and also one of the first with a ruined orgasm.
RO 32 minutes
MultiRuined Orgasm 8

Taylor's MultiRuined
Orgasm Handjob Special

Taylor shows extreme glee the more awkward and painful it gets. She has the skills and the body to make the tease and denial SO EFFECTIVE is almost criminal. She begins this handjob with a few toys but then dumps those for a traditional HARD AND FAST JERK! There is another surprise in this clip because the guy who was tied down tight tried to sneak his orgasm by her so she could not ruin it effectively! GOTTA SEE IT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS!
RO 16 minutes
Milking Instructions 5

Tease & Denial MILKING Instructions

  Mistress Taylor at her best in this instructional clip.
She showes you every little was to milk a cock BUT
with the added bonus of
Plus she throws some CBT in as she demontrates
how to twist the balls around while milking the cock.
RO 17 minutes

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