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Young Princess Maya's Nut Wrenching, Bratty but Breath-Taking Tease & Denial
Young Maya didn't need any special instructions from the reigning queen of Tease & Denial. At age 19 Maya already had her own arsenal off cockteasing tricks! She had this guy showing precum in the first 2 minutes! He was so enamored with her that she took advantage of it and wrenched and yanked his balls and cock around viciously. FUCKING GREAT SEXY COCKTEASE. Includes CBT, Facesitting, Smothering and all around Brattiness by Maya.
  22 minutes
Tead Teased
Tied, Teased and HUMILIATED by Cherokee
Cherokee clearly knows how to humiliate a man. This scorchingly hot-extremely sexy dominant brunette humiliates her poor slave as she slowly strips down and teases him with her perfect body. She alternates between teasing and humiliating her bound victim. Tremendously meanspirited cock tease!
  26 minutes
Gia's Sexy Cock Tease
Goddess Gia's Sexy Slow Tease and Denial Handjob
Excellent Tease and Denial scene. Rarely do I shoot a scene where I do not have to stop and direct. This was one of them. Goddess Gia is a natural at Tease and Denial. Her slow, sexy teasing style keeps the slave on edge throughout the entire scene which ends in an explosive orgasm. She takes control of his cock from the moment the scene starts and keeps contol throughout the entire scene. Highly recommended for fans of Tease and Denial.
  20 minutes
Veronica's Signature Cock tease
Just wanted to let you guys know that I thought this was the hottest clip ever! She is amazing! Her teasing style is awesome and her edging is really great. I'm in awe of her! Thanks
GirlyDommes favorite Goddess Veronica gets a turn at Tease & Denial and it turns out she has a style all her own. Very different than the other Girly Domme cock teases but just as effective. For the first half its more of a slow moving erotic lapdance than a straight jacking handjob and she does that with enough sex appeal he is already edging by the time she starts to work his cock. Sexy, sexy cocktease.
  15 minutes
Leah's Bitch
Slow Build Tied Torture Teasing Handjob
This is a very sexy slow tease and denial scene. Princess Leah teases the slave who has not cum in over a month keeping him on the very edge of orgasm and denying his release repeatedly. Princess Leah is a master of teasing. Her extremely sweet demeaner is in perfect contrast to her equally sadistic side which is obvious by the joy she shows in keeping the slave on the edge.
  15 minutes
The Ancient Asian Tied Down Massive Cock Tease & Denial
Asian Beauty Jazzmine learned Tease and Denial from her ancestors and from Mistress Taylor plus adds some of her own teasing moves that make for a fucking hot scene. The guy is strapped down and unable to help himself as she uses her whole body to tease and torture him.
RO 25 minutes
19 DD T&D
19 years old with natural DD breasts and enough experience at that young age to make it really hurt being denied. Chevon has the natural gifts to put a guy on the edge so the fact that she also knows how to fuck with a guy's head by fucking with his other head makes her a born cocktease. Fucking hot T&D handjob!
  25 minutes
Cherry Poppins
Cherry's Tease & Denial
with Ruined Orgasm
The first part is a standing tease as she uses her experience in the adult business to get the guy HARD and very horny. This first slow standing tease ends just before he gets tied up because she swore she would not continue unless he submitted to being bound. Cherry then treats him to a sexy and humiliating cocktease and then tops it off with a picture perfect abandonded orgasm
RO 28 minutes
Foot Session Cock Tease with Orgasm
RUINED not Spoiled
This is a real filmed session with Maya, Taylor and a slave. The slave was constantly edging during titsmothering by Taylor and Maya with her feet up on his chest and giving him a skilled handjob. Because of the constant edging they start the HARD COCKSLAPPING! He needed a lot of it to keep from cumming in this dream session. They must slap his cock HARD 80 times! A double footjob was to follow and then Mistress Taylor strokes him off while Maya rubs his balls with her feet. Soon he was cumming and then Maya slaps her foot over the tip of his cock for a ruined orgasm and then Post Orgasm Cock Torture
RO 30 minutes
Bitch Hooker Cocktease
Bitch Hooker Cock Tease
Kianna Dior in a mean cocktease where she she pretty much plays herself... a total bitch who has been hired for sex. Oh but she loves that role and you can tell she's done this before. Very natural and believable perfomance as Kianna comes over the johns house and tricks him into getting tied up. Then instead of fucking him she just fucks with his head teasing him about possibly having sex....NO way! She does bring him to a nasty orgasm and then grabs all his money and credit cards and leaves him tied up.
  25 minutes
18-year-old Princess Chloe takes control of this losers cock and keeps him on edge begging to cum. All CFNM tease and denial handjob.
  24 minutes
Young & Hungry
The Young & Hungry Cock Tease
RO Andrea in a very sexy and dominant Tease and Denial Handjob that builds to a wicked orgasm. 19 years old and she knows her way around a cock. She bites, nibbles, strokes, slaps and just plains works his cock.
  21 minutes
Abandoned Orgasm
Joleen's Pint-sized Hardbody Cock Tease & Denial Handjob
Sexy and petite Joleen gives the restrained man and his cock a sexy mindfuck of a Tease. A 33 minute prolonged denial with the sexy Joleen crawling aronud his body and licking and stroking and...
RO 33 minutes
Ruined Orgasm Assistor
Virgin Tease & Denial
He was so horny. She was driving him nuts. He knew he would have to play the game or he's never get it from her. She trembles at times she is so nervous and she keeps trying to say no. This scene builds slow to a cumshot finale.
  25 minutes
Exotic Mindfuck
Exotic Beautiful Mindfuck Cocktease
Young, beautiful and exotic Rene Cruz
in of a terrifically sexy and frustrating cock tease.
She knows how it tease a cock rock hard and she
knows how to be a bitch.
Well maybe she just is a bitch but she's
one you'd want between your legs
regardless of how bad she was
fucking with your head.
RO 29 minutes
Brooke Girly Dommes T&D


GirlyDomme Tease & Denial

Princess Brooke finds it highly amusing
to keep her bound slave on the edge
of orgasm and enjoys
watching him beg to cum.

  25 minutes
Veronica's Best Jerking Work
Veronica's Best Jerking Work
Veronica was not happy with her performance in the last handjob clip but it seemed that everyone who saw it disagreed with her. This time she said she had made a clip worthy of her skills. The potential shown in the last one is revealing here in one FUCKING GREAT TEASE AND DENIAL HANDJOB!.
  20 minutes
Brooke's Whate Boy
White Boy Humiliation Tease and Denial Ruined Orgasm
Excellent tease and denial ruined orgasm with Brooke Scott. Brooke humiliates and teases her bound slave keeping him right on the edge of orgasm. Just as he thinks the torture is over and he will be able to cum she ruins his much anticipated orgasm with a perfect thumbing.
RO 22 minutes
Starr's Handjob
Princess Starr's Tied, Teased and Suprised POV Handjob
Princess Starr is a master at teasing. With her perfect, sweet teasing style you would never expect her to actually have a sadistic streak. After keeping her boyfriend tied to a chair for the day coming in every so often to tease him she builds the tease to a level where he is just on the edge waiting to explode at any moment. She finally decides to let him cum then changes her mind once he starts and abruptly lets go. After letting go she decides to grab the cock again and stroke every last drop of cum out and just keep stroking the extremely sensitive cock for her amusement as he attempts to escape.
RO 26 minutes
Tyla's Facesitting, Ball Licking, Dirty Cocktease
20 year old Tyla really gets this guy going repeatedly and then lets him cool off. She titfucks his cock, she licks the head of it, licks his balls, uses the two handed twisting jerk method, sits on his face and teases him with her pussy and after each edging moment when he's about to cum she lets him cool off again. A great handjob and an even better cocktease!
  27 minutes
Veronica's Best Jerking Work
Unbearably Hard
Kaiya is a master of tease and denial. She lets the slave know right up front she is going to be keeping his cock "unbearably hard" and not let him cum until she decides if he will be allowed. Lots of very sensual teasing. Excellent tease and denial clip.
  12 minutes
Veronica's Best Jerking Work
Old Man Money Orgasm Destruction
The dancer slowly teases the guy who is loudly begging for more action while throwing money in the air. She takes charge of the situation and teases and denies this idiot taking more and more money from him the closer he gets to him. After keeping him on the edge of orgasm while taking every cent he had she decides to finally let him cum but quickly destroys his orgasm.
RO 24 minutes
Veronica's Best Jerking Work
Princess Nina's Teasing Handjob
  Nina's boyfriend was supposed to be out running errands and was caught at home on the couch jacking off. Nina takes control of his cock and teases him until he is begging to cum.
  19 minutes
Veronica's Best Jerking Work
Humiliate the Porn Stud
Tease and Denial
  I hired a very dominant male porn star for this scene who was not too happy with the way he was being treated by Goddess Roxetta. Luckiy he did not walk off the set which is what I was worried would happen. You do not want to miss this very sexy tease and denial handjob scene with VERY REAL humiliation. Goddess Roxetta takes him to the edge of orgasm, lets go and gets herself off several times throughout this clip. She promices to lick his balls if he smells her ass, feet and gets on all fours for her to check out his ass. After doing all she requested she just laughs at him.
RO 26 minutes

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